I’ve developed a lot of varied interests during my 50+ years on our pale blue dot, and I find that subconsciously my photography has followed along the same lines. These interests shape my outlook on both my life and my art. Working in a highly technical field for a good part of my adult life has also greatly influenced my photography. As a confrere recently pointed out, “Your background as an engineer is quite apparent through your body of work with your interest in mechanics, futurism and outdoor science.”
Over the past five years or so, my interests in (and passion for) photography have steadily grown. I am fascinated by subject, technique and gear alike. Blending science and art has become my objective, and I compose, shoot and process my images to be both aesthetically pleasing and to highlight the technical and scientific aspects of my subjects. Hoping that my images invite more than just a passing glance on the web, I aim to inspire our younger generations to appreciate and take an interest in the beauty of science and the wonders of technology that surround them.
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