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In short, I make photographs that indulge my own interests.

All original, all mine …

Unfortunately, this needs to be said. Considering the proliferation of stolen images and copyright infringement and print-on-demand sites, you can take comfort in knowing that every image you see here was captured and processed personally by me. In addition, I do not use generative AI technology. Every image represents a real subject, in a real location, at a real time.

The subject defines the goal …

During my 60+ years on our First Earth, I’ve developed many (sometimes disparate) interests, and I find that subconsciously my photography has followed along the same lines. These interests shape my outlook on both my life and my art. I only photograph subjects in which I have a strong interest and a thorough understanding. This familiarity allows me to better capture the intrinsic nature of those subjects, and further enables me to express that essence to the viewer. In my landscape photographs, for example, I aim to explore tonal range and tonal relationships. In my wildlife images, on the other hand, I hope to capture behavior and detail that might not ordinarily be visible to a casual viewer. And my flora photographs tend to show detail that I feel is important, but not on a macro level which might render them unrecognizable. Working in a highly technical field for a good part of my adult life has also greatly influenced my photography. A fellow photographer once pointed out, “Your background as an engineer is quite apparent through your body of work with your interest in mechanics, futurism and outdoor science.” Take a look; see if you agree.

One logical step further …

Have you ever heard the expression “A photograph isn’t a photograph until it’s printed”? I don’t know who first wrote or spoke those words, but that phrase (or one of its many variations) is commonly preached but much less often put into practice. My photographs, this site and my printed works comprise my efforts, however small, to get people once again interested in, and excited about, displaying, viewing and studying printed photographs.

I print my own work, and I offer what I feel is the ultimate presentation - pigment inks on fine art papers made from natural materials like cotton, hemp and bamboo. The paper becomes a large part of the viewing experience, and I select it based on the characteristics of each individual image. You may notice that I offer primarily small-to-medium sized prints. This is for good reason, as these sizes are more often displayed on a shelf or desk or wall location that invites closer inspection. And that, friends, is my goal - to draw you into the photograph, to captivate you, to encourage reflection and contemplation and analysis.

Fiat lux!

Michael Kuznicki